Patients can access ECG tests at any of our member practices, saving them unnecessary trips to the hospital. These tests are then quickly interpreted by our team of fully trained clinicians.

We are proud to be Birmingham’s largest community provider of ECG interpretation.  ECG tests are carried out in the patient’s local surgery by either a trained Nurse or Health Care Assistant.  All experienced interpreters are local GPs qualified to the Society of Cardiological Science and Technology standards. Once the patient’s ECG results have been interpreted, the local Hub will update the patient’s record with the detailed test results. 

Depending on the patient’s results, they will either be referred for:

  • a routine follow-up
  • an urgent follow-up
  • or – in extreme cases – an emergency referral to hospital

How does this service work?

We offer our members the following benefits:

  • Simple booking – Practices can book ECG interpretation directly via EMIS, with the results coming straight back into the patient’s record. Non-member practices email the ECG and referral form to a dedicated ECG email account.
  • ECG reporting – We provide an ECG report written by a qualified local GP. If there are actions resulting from the ECG, we will send a task to flag them up and phone the patient if it is urgent.
  • Urgent ECGs – Where an abnormal ECG reading requires a report quickly, we will get the report back to the practice the same day. We usually get them back within 2 hours.
  • Local GPs – Our ECG Interpretation service utilises locally qualified GPs, so if you need to discuss a report, you can easily connect with a local colleague

Want to know more about this service?

Call: 0121 483 2128