The Dermatology Service provides patients with quick and local access to support with a wide variety of skin conditions. The clinic aims to provide clear clinical management plans, which may result in face-to-face or virtual appointments. This service helps reduce the demand burden on other parts of the system.

Our Dermatology Service comprises a number of senior dermatology clinicians, including Dr Tracey O’Shea, Dr Simon Clay, and Julie Panter (Senior Dermatology and Clinical Lead Nurse). In addition to Doctor and Nurse led clinics, we also offer image capture clinics, isotretinoin prescribing and monitoring and minor surgery clinics where clinically indicated from our Dermatology Hubs across Birmingham.

From 2020 to 2022, we received nearly 5,000 referrals across the primary care networks. We have worked in partnership with University Hospitals Birmingham (UHB), collaborating to reduce the number of patients on waiting lists resulting from the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Who can benefit from this service?

  • Adults and children with dermatological conditions not responding to treatment
  • Patients requiring a review of their skin condition and implementation of an agreed management plan
  • Patients requiring education about the management of their long-term dermatological condition
  • Patients whose treatment can be initiated following a review of their clinical images and history

 Who can access this service?

The service is available to any Birmingham practice that has agreed access to the service with SDS.

Want to know more about this service?

Call: 0121 483 2128