PCN dietitians assess, treat and diagnose nutritional problems in the following clinical areas:

  • Malnutrition – BMI <18.5kg/m2 or over 5% (unintentional) weight loss
  • Gastroenterology – IBS, coeliac disease, functional gut disorders
  • Pre-diabetes , Diabetes- type 1 and type 2, with HbA1c >60mmol/mol, including those on insulin.
  • PCOS – managing symptoms through diet and lifestyle
  • Cardiovascular disease – those with a Q risk >10%
  • Paediatrics – cow’s milk protein allergy
  • Weight management groups – see below for booking patients

An initial triage process is carried out followed by a telephone or video consultation. Management plans are documented for the referring GP practice to see electronically. In some instances, onward referrals are made to support the goals the individual has jointly agreed with the dietitian.

Advice and guidance are provided back to GP practices, if referrals do not meet the criteria, for other appropriate services.

We are now running virtual weight management groups, so please ensure that all weight management referrals are booked into the “Dietitian weight management review” slots rather than “Dietitian clinic virtual review” slots that are for all others referral types.

Who can access this service?

Primary Care Networks: Balsall Heath, Sparkhill and Moseley; Edgbaston; GOSK; Harborne; NASAR; Pershore; Small Heath and West Birmingham

Want to know more?

Call: 0121 483 2128

Email: sdsmyhealthcare@nhs.net