South Doc Services (SDS) is a non-profit making GP co-operative based in South Birmingham. We have been successful in providing primary, community and secondary care based services since 1996.

We have a wealth of experience in working across the health economy. We have built a solid relationship with Urgent Care providers. They include NHS 111, WMAS, BCHC and secondary care.

Who are South Doc Services Ltd?

We started in 1996 as a cooperative of Birmingham-based GPs. From the outset, we’ve aimed to provide first-class, up-to-date healthcare to our community. At the same time, we strive to provide a traditional lifelong family-doctor relationship. Our patient focused services are accessible to all. Whatever we’re doing, we use clinical excellence as our main criteria. The community we serve is growing, and its needs are constantly changing. So we’re always looking to increase and improve our offering to them.

How do we deliver these services?

All of our services are based at local GP Practices or Community Centres. This ensures patients can access the care they need quickly and easily.

Highly-skilled workforce

Developing a highly-skilled workforce is the key to delivering outstanding health services. Each and every one of our clinical staff are local professionals. They know the needs of our population well. What’s more, the majority of our staff work in NHS services.

Best possible patient service

We want our patients to enjoy the best possible experiences with services tailored to their health needs. That’s why we champion a patient-centred approach to all of our activities.

Who do we work with?

Our clinical partners include:

  • primary care providers
  • secondary care hospitals
  • private healthcare organisations

We integrate with these partners whenever possible. This enables us to give patients a broader choice of services at different locations. As a result, patients enjoy easier access to the care they need.